Georgian National Association for Palliative Care (former Palliative Care Association “humanists’ Union”) in period 2001-2011 received more than 10 grants for the projects dedicated to Palliative Care Development in Georgia.

GNAPC aims to support the incorporation of PC into all levels of Georgian National Healthcare System – to reach “Palliative Care for everyone who needs”. For this purpose it plans to:

  • improve the society informing and healthcare professionals’ knowledge,
  • implement Palliative Care modern standards,
  • prepare young specialists/subs-specialists,
  • develop educational activity among society, in Medical Universities and Nursing Schools
  • develop research in the field of Palliative Care,
  • establish close communication among all organizations and persons working in the field of Palliative Care
  • develop international cooperation through joint programs and membership of International organizations

In Period 1999-2012 by Georgian National Association for Palliative Care was performed and/or supported:

  • Identification of initiators and leaders of Palliative Care development throughout the country
  • Capacity Building creation for educational (handbooks and Manuals) and legislative activities (amendments in Laws and Normative Decrees) and practical implementation of Palliative Care (PC units and Home-based PC)
  • International collaboration and expertise
  • Political Advocacy provision
  • Drug availability and rational prescription policy development
  • Education/Training activities
  • Research

For this purpose by Association were obtained more than 10 grants awarded by OSI, OSGF, HtH, GNSF, MOH, SOCO Foundation, Global Fund, etc.

From 2005 – up to 2012 – the home-based palliative care program of GNAPC was funded by Governmental Budget.


During last several years some important steps were done by GNAPC for the development of palliative care in Georgia. These activities were ended by several successful results:

Policy changes
Policy Document “Palliative Care Program in Georgia” prepared by International expert Jan Stjernsward in collaboration of GNAPC was approved by Healthcare and Social Issues Committee of Parliament of Georgia ;

Position of Palliative Care National Program Coordinator and his Office was astablished at Parliament’s Committee;

In April 08, 2007 by Parliament of Georgia were approved the amendments in 4 laws of Georgia.

In July 10 2008, the Minister of Health signed the normative order changing the rules of opioid prescription;

On March 17, 2009 the policy round table dedicated to improvement of drug availability and oral morphine importation was organized with participation of members of Parliament, representatives of MOH, Organizations providing Palliative Care, WHO Country Office, National Cancer Center, AIDS Center, Insurance Companies, Mass media and international experts: Mary Callaway,Karen Ryan, Katalin Muzsbek, Martha Maurer. The special recommendations to MOH were prepared; Implementation of this recommendation was resulted in importation of oral morphine in Georgia in 2009.

The National Model of PC Incorporation in Healthcare System, presented by PC National Coordinator was accepted Healthcare Committee of Parliament of Georgia in April 3, 2009;

In 2009-2010 was prepared and in July 2010 was implemented Georgian National Program for Palliative Care (Action Plan - 2011-2015)


Preparation and implementation 3 accredited Continuing Medical Educational programs in Palliative Care More than 300 healthcare professionals have attended these programs throughout Georgia;

Establishment of the elective (facultative) course of “Palliative Care” in Tbilisi State Medical University and obligatory course on Medical Faculty of Tbilisi State University and in two Nursing Colleges in Tbilisi as well;

Conduction of 6 Educational/training courses for healthcare professionals involved in PC services;

Participation of 7 Georgian representatives in “Saltsburg Seminars for Palliative Care”;

Organization of international OMI satellite seminar (funded by OSI-OSGF): “Palliative Care in Children and AIDS” –in Tbilisi, November 6-7, 2007 (speakers: M. Callaway, Dr. Gerri Frager, Dr. Nancy Hutton);

In 2010 two members of GNAPC finished 3-years educational course at the Institute of Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice, CA, USA and received the certificate of International Experts in Palliative Care; Currently three medical doctors are passing the same program


Preparation and demonstration of video-clips on Palliative Care by TV;

Organization of more than 20 informational meetings in Tbilisi (capital) and different regions dedicated to the further development of Palliative Care in Georgia;

Preparation and distribution of Special Newspapers, dedicated to different aspects of Palliative Care;

Preparation, signing and applying the Joint Declaration of GNAPC, Georgian Medical Association and Medical Students aimed the support for farther development and incorporation of Palliative Care into National Healthcare System.